Focused on providing quality aftermarket services and customer support.

Holden America’s Grip-Lock™ and Grate-Lock™ Chock systems are in service daily on every freight railroad in North America. We specialize in the timely reconditioning and replacement of damaged chocks. All of the necessary components to maintain our Chock Systems, including Grip-Lock™ Chocks, Grate-Lock™ Chocks, deck grating and storage pans are available in-stock. Holden’s primary focus is to deliver a quality customer experience. We are committed to shipping purchase orders within 24 hours of receipt and provide hands-on training and aftermarket support and service.

Support & Training

  • Reconditioning Services for Grip-Lock™ and Grate-Lock™ Chocks
  • Pre-tripper, loading, and unloading ramp facility training
  • Our personnel visit ramp facilities throughout North America and are qualified to provide training during these visits
    • Additional or refresher training is available upon request
  • Multilingual support available in English, Spanish, French
  • Technical and engineering support available

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Field Inspection & Repair

The effectiveness of Holden America Chock Systems’ ability to restrain vehicles during transit is maximized through proper inspection of the chocks. These inspections are performed at all points of the vehicle shipment process–pre-trip, loading, and unloading. Chocks deemed damaged or inoperable should be removed from the rail car and replaced with serviceable chocks of the same design, as per the AAR Office Manual, Appendix B Rule 1 . Depending on the severity of the damage on the rejected chock, it can either be repaired in the field or returned to Holden for reconditioning. The Holden America Chock Inspection and Repair Decision Matrix Standards listed below provides the OEM field inspection guidelines.

Inspection guidelines





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*Parts needed for field repairs are available through Holden’s aftermarket sales group.