Holden America Expands into New Chicago Facility to Accommodate Continued Growth Across Product Lines

Holden America today officially announced their recent completion of an expansive new facility at 6230 S Oak Park Ave, Chicago, IL. With over 35,000 sq ft, the facility offers dedicated areas for product manufacturing and reconditioning, in-stock products and parts, testing and research, sales and service offices and space for staff development and meetings. Holden America continues to operate two other facilities in Canada and Mexico.

“Our investment in a new and much bigger facility addresses our increased need to optimize our production space to manufacturer our products and stock more in-demand inventory in the Midwest while we continue to explore new and better ways to help our customers. Our people now have a facility that allows them to do their jobs better. That makes us a more efficient supplier,” shared Bruno Pietrobon, President of Holden America.

Jim Schmidt, Director of Manufacturing and Field Operations, emphasized how the new facility has had a positive impact in many aspects of their business. “We took the opportunity to redesign workflows and production lines. Our team now operates more efficiently and safely. We have the room we need to properly store and move raw materials and products, and we have a much greater capacity for inventory. The bottom line is it’s good for our employees and our customers.”

Holden America continues to deliver innovations to the railroad industry. Their Grip-LockTM Chock System was designed in response to auto shipper’s bi-level system requirements, and has been quickly adopted as the system of choice for railcar automobile securement. Their latest innovations include Grate-GuardTM, a bi-level grating theft prevention system and a modular grating system packaged to allow quick installation for railcar conversions.
“We are committed to innovation that makes our products perform better and adds value for our customers,” noted Pietrobon. “Innovation, product quality and customer service have always been and will continue to be our top priorities.”


Grate-GuardTM Bi-Level Grating-Theft Prevention System

As a pro-active response to an increasing industry-wide problem Holden America has designed, and successfully tested a new grating theft prevention system for bi-level autorack rail cars Beginning in Fall 2017, Holden’s Grate-Guard will be available for installation on new rail cars, or it can be retrofitted to install on existing autoracks .

“We saw that a lot of bi-level autoracks were being held out of service due to grating theft and decided we needed to prevent this from happening to our customers.” stated Jim Schmidt, Director of Manufacturing and Field Operations of Holden America.

The Grate-Guard Theft Prevention System provides insurance against theft for rail car owners.

“When you weigh the cost of autorack grating replacement and the associated out-of-service time with the cost of installing this theft prevention system it’s easy to see the value in the Grate-Guard System.” noted Bruno Pietrobon, President of Holden America.

Skillfully Designed, Tested and Proven.

  • Locks down each grating panel at the hinge, in two places
  • Designed to be installed anywhere (in the field or at pre-trip locations) by anyone
  • Does not interfere with the normal operation or rotation of the grating (to allow grating to be lifted for cleaning)
  • Rigorously tested and proven
  • Packaged with a complete single railcar kit that includes 56 locks (2 per grate panel) and instructions

Order Grate-Guard

You can specify installation of the Grate-Guard Grating Theft Prevention System when you order equipment or contact us to order the system for your existing rail cars.

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For Immediate Release

March 29, 2017

Holden America Establishes Holden America de Mexico

Holden America has opened a chock system distribution facility located in Ramos Arizpe, just north of Saltillo.

Driven primarily by increased production, the demand for Holden’s vehicle securement products and services has been growing with customers in Mexico. Fueled by an increased demand for its Grip-LockTM Chock system, as well as the aftermarket services for its legacy Grate-Lock® Chock system, Holden’s footprint has expanded within Mexico.

“This facility in Mexico enables us to offer our customers more timely delivery without the need for costly and time consuming cross-border transactions.” stated Bruno Pietrobon, President of Holden America.

“Establishing Holden America de Mexico allows us to leverage our local service and sales contacts and will result in lower transportation and logistics costs for our customers” Pietrobon continued.

It will be business as usual for all of our customers. Holden America de Mexico serves as an extension of Holden’s Chicago-based facilities, so everyone can expect the same quality and customer service that Holden America always delivers.



Market News: 4 Grip-LockTM Chocks Approved under AAR Standard S-810-2014

At its September 2015 Meeting, the AAR’s Special Equipped Freightcar Committee approved the use of Holden America’s 4-Chock Grip-LockTM Chock System.

In response to the market’s demand for a robust, yet economical vehicle securement system, Holden America rigorously tested its best-in-class Grip-Lock chock system using only 4 chocks, according to the requirements of AAR Standard 801-2014. The outcome of this testing demonstrated once again that Holden America’s Grip-Lock Chock remains the most durable and user-friendly of any other chocks tested, while still offering the best vehicle protection. In addition, Field Service tests conducted confirmed the benefits of using this low profile system to secure a wide range of vehicles. The Grip-Lock Chock System is lightweight, the easiest to install and remove, safely allows for closer spacing of vehicles and allows for a faster loading time. All vehicles, including Heavy Duty pickup trucks, were tested and AAR approved for performance with the 4 chocks, whereas existing systems require 6 chocks for HD pickup trucks in particular.

“The innovation and evolution of our product has always been driven by what the market demands so we’re pleased to offer our 4 Chock Grip-Lock System as a tested and approved alternative for vehicle securement.” stated Bruno Pietrobon, President of Holden America. “Our commitment to safety and quality will always influence the engineering of our products. Our 8 Chock System is indisputably the best performing system on the market, however, we recognize that some customers may seek a more cost-effective solution.” Noted Pietrobon.

For more information on the 4 Chock Grip-Lock System contact Holden America at, or at 514-313-8332.



For Immediate Release

March 16, 2015

Holden America and Ramptech, Inc. Form Strategic Merger

Montreal, Quebec – January 5, 2015 – Holden America announced that is has merged with Ramptech, Inc.

“Two entities with excellent reputations and experience in autorack vehicle securement have come together to combine their expertise,” Bruno Pietrobon, President of Holden America stated. “We can now offer our clients a single source for our best in class products & services, including superior aftermarket maintenance and support.”

Holden America products are in service daily on literally every major freight railroad in North America. Ramptech, Inc has been the exclusive aftermarket distributor of Holden America’s Chock systems since 1993. The merger is a logical collaboration where customers will surely stand to benefit.

Pietrobon will continue to lead Holden America, as he has for over 13 years, by embodying and nurturing their proven commitment to industry leadership, innovation and safety. “The merger will allow Holden America to address the complete and ever-changing demands of the railroads’ vehicle securement needs. For the most part, we will be business as usual. Our customers can expect the same outstanding service they have always received. The benefit will be a broader range of customer service and greater operational efficiency.”

“Our goal is to keep as many autoracks in service as possible, using the well-established system we are known for,” concluded Pietrobon.


About Holden America

Holden America is well known for best in class quality products and outstanding post-sale service and support earning them an established reputation for being a trusted business partner for the railroad industry.

Learn more about Holden America by visiting, or calling 514.313.8332.


About Ramptech Inc.

Ramptech is a Chicago based, ISO 9001 company that offers new and reconditioned chock systems and system components for Holden America’s primary and supplementary chock systems.

Learn more about Ramptech, Inc. by visiting, or calling 708.594.2179.