Industry Leadership & Innovation = Proven Quality

Holden America products are in daily service on literally every major freight railroad in North America. Our brand is well known for best in class quality products and outstanding post-sale service and support earning us an established reputation for being a trusted business partner for the railroad industry.

Founded in 1909, we have a long-standing position as industry leaders offering high performance, multi-level vehicle securement and protection systems, gravity-outlet gates and gate accessories. In 2015 Holden America and Ramptech Inc. merged bringing two entities with excellent reputations and experience in autorack vehicle securement together. Ramptech Inc’s superior after market sales and service will allow Holden America to provide comprehensive customer service and support, delivering a total supply solution that includes superior aftermarket maintenance and support.

Our goal is to keep as many autoracks in service as possible, using the well-established system we are known for.

Best-in-Class Products & Services

Our strong commitment to industry leadership, innovation and safety is proven every day. We have the most durable vehicle securement system in the industry and we continue to test and evolve our products for the benefit of safety and for our customers.

The Grate-Lock™ Chock System
Our first-to-market, flagship vehicle tie-down system for bi-level autorack railcars built to meet the design, installation and support demands of the industry.

The Grip-Lock™ Chock System
In response to the changing market needs, we developed The Grip-Lock Chock System. This chock allows for maximum clearance between the vehicle and the chock. It will automatically adjust toward and grip the tire, further protecting vehicles during transport.

Gravity-Outlet Gates
A proprietary discharge hopper gate designed specifically for freight cars in North America. The unique, high-performance sealing system is ideal for difficult-to-contain commodities.

Custom Solutions
We’ve got the experience to handle virtually any custom, rail-related product or project.

Guided by a strong belief in intellectual property, we develop unique products that offer innovative engineering, deliver IP-rich products and systems and exceed the needs of our customers. We’re also well versed in sourcing total supply chain solutions that benefit our products and our customers.